Ruby Robin Moss Orb Necklace
Woodland Moss Resin...

Woodland Moss Resin...


This enchanting orb necklace was made with some bright green moss from the floor of my favourite forest which I dried and encapsulated in resin. The resin brings to plants to life to create a vivid piece of jewellery that will never die. The orb is capped with a plain bronze fitting and hung on a dainty bronze chain…both lead and nickel free!

Your necklace will arrive safely packaged in one of my beautiful signature gift boxes, ready for gift-giving and with no need for further wrapping.

Please be aware that there may be some very small bubbles in your piece. Someone recently described them as resembling little dew droplets sitting on the flowers & leaves and I like to think they add their own little touch of life to each piece <3 Please take care to keep your jewellery dry and store it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. If you would like to polish your piece you can use a microfiber cloth with some polish such as T-cut or Novus or even just a drop of olive oil, polishing in a circular motion

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