Dandelion Necklace with...

Dandelion Necklace with...


Encased in a tiny glass bottle are a bunch of feathery little dandelion seeds, a collection of hopes, wishes and dreams to wear close to your heart in case you ever need them! To add a dash of magic to this necklace, I added a little pinch of the sparkling, opalescent glitter that catches the light beautifully for a fun touch sure to capture the heart of any girls inner child. Folklore says that blowing the seeds of a dandelion will carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one and grant you wishes, so keep these close just in case, who knows when they could come in handy!

With just the right amount of magic for any daydreamer believers and woodland wanderers, this necklace would also make such a lovely gift to bring you luck on your wedding day! Dandelions used to be included in wedding bouquets to bring good luck and fine weather on the day. The miniature bottle is hung on a dainty 20 inch long 925 sterling silver chain

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