Blackbird Art Print
A Blackbird song for me Print
A Blackbird Song...

A Blackbird Song...


A symbol of family blackbird print Molly Ellis, Ewe Sir.

Size: A4 including white border.

A sparkly blackbird to sing to your heart. His watchful eye passed down from generations of blackbird protectors is there to look after your loved ones and remind you that a little protector isn’t far should you seek him.

A gift for family. A thoughtful way to remember loved ones, family and generations into the home and as a talisman of protection.

Made from wool , then intricately detailed by hand using a single needle and finally transformed into this adorable print. This piece was inspired by a piece of fabric Molly found belonging to her grandmother. Adding this little trinket of memory for the bird’s beak seemed to just make the piece as thats where she inherited her own love of a good chat.



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