Fairy Wish Jar, Little Dearies
Big Fairy Wish...

Big Fairy Wish...


Our new collection ‘Magical Fairy Wish Jars’ are just the thing to turn everything magical. All of these unique handmade creatures will help you to fulfill your deepest dreams.

Unique handmade Fairy lived within its own glass jar surrounded by a mixture of dried flowers, fruits and seeds, covered with cute fabric.

Each Fairy comes complete with a Certificate and all are waiting to take your wish and help you make it come true.
Please note that all our ‘Magical Fairy Wish Jars’ are not toys but are for ornamental use only and should be handled with care.

All the jars are made to order, so they can be designed also based on clients suggestion (girls, boys, leprechauns, all family, animals etc) also preferred on their colours 🙂

Fairy home jar sizes:
Big: 145mm (high), 720ml

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