Single Dandelion Orb...

Single Dandelion Orb...


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Here is a new take on my much loved Wish and a whisper pendant! In this elegant necklace, a single, delicate dandelion seed has been encapsulated in a tiny hand blown glass orb and strung on a fine silver chain. This is such a simple and yet unique piece and will look beautiful worn for just about every occasion! Folklore says that blowing the feathery little seeds off a dandelion will carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one or will grant you a wish! So here is your very own wish and a whisper, encased in a tiny little glass vial for safe keeping, until the time you might need it. The glass vial is suspended on a 925 Sterling silver chain.

Traditionally dandelions bring good luck and fine weather on your wedding day , so this would make a wonderful luck charm for any summer bride, especially if she is getting married in Ireland 😉