Irish Felt Fairy
Felt Fairy ‘Bella’

Felt Fairy ‘Bella’


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Hi, My name is Bella. I'm a felted fairy made from fine merino wool. I'm also able to sit, stand, or be attached to a string and dangled from a ceiling. As I am a felt fairy, I'm very light. Just about 25 grams. Us fairies as you well know, don't grow very big, I'm about 27 cm tall. Felted fairies are very unique,in fact there's only ever one of us. My other felted fairy friends are all different. Me and my fairy friends get our wings from birds that were not harmed. When they fall out, we pick them up. Felt fairy's hair is from a Swiss mountain sheep. Irish Felt Fairy creates all her fairies from start to finish in her fairy studio in Ireland.

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