Dandelion Wish Silver...

Dandelion Wish Silver...


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Three little dandelion wishes have captured inside a glass and stainless steel locket and hung on a beautiful Sterling silver rolo chain to create this sweet little luck locket! Dandelions seeds are thought to bring one good fortune and grant wishes, so this is the perfect little piece for anyone about to set off any of big adventures, or who might just need a bit of a pick me up to get them through a challenging time. The lockets are made from stainless steel, and the locket measures a dainty 3/4 inch across. I have glued the door shut to safely preserve the plants enclosed inside. The chain is Sterling silver and measures 18 inches long.

Traditionally dandelions bring good luck and fine weather on your wedding day too, so this would make a wonderful luck charm for any summer bride.

This piece was made with natural materials, so please take care to keep it dry and to store it safely away from direct sunlight.